Monday, July 31, 2006

I need a present for my friend tomorrow so decorated these kitchen tools with flowers. I like to paint other things than the house too you see ;)
And a closer picture here.. Hope she likes them. Ooh noo..forgot to make a card..

SOON it starts..the UFO-august!! The along we have on Hobbyboden..yippeeee... I still have tomorrow left to start new things,,,hmmm what could it be, a new scarf. ha-aa-haaa :D

But I really need a present for my mum so might do that tomorrow if I have time. Been busy today but had some time to knit. I must find time for knitting ;) And now the table's been painted 3 times and it's not good :( Also housepainting this evening..pheewww!!

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Hulda said...

The kitchen tools looks really great with your decoration on! Lovely! And I like you veranda too.