Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coffee break

Last evening I started a new knitting..again. I still knit you know ;)
Was up til about 00.30 and had to try out this new pattern. Then today I noticed I had started all wrong so had to rip up about 7 cm..grrr..and start over again.
Now I have knitted a bit and some more yarn is in the colourmixup also :)
Thought hubby needs a little surprice so had our coffee break outside in the sun. Mmmmmm...strawberry icecream and coffee.
I think I must have something for the light pink at the ;) no wonder coz' it's my favourite colour!!
Does'nt this look romantic...aaaww..


Diana said...

Oh how sweet....

Stitchy Fingers said...

Hi. I'm visiting your blog for the first time. If you use the doily under a glass or mug then I would call it a coaster. But it could just be a small doily. Did you get the pattern from the internet? (I'm looking for snowflake patterns.)

I liked your tablecloth weights. If I ever need any, I'm going to use the same idea. I'll have to start looking for stones (not that I don't already have enough). I also liked the edge on your towel loops. I usually just make them plain but not anymore.

Anonymous said...

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