Friday, June 29, 2007

This I call summer!! To pick up some lovely flowers on your own lot.. I love them :)
Got in the crochet mood and made a star with some leftovers of Mandarin Petit. This star is about 19 cm in diameter.
I have made these stars before and they are one of my favourite crochet motives. Continued with them and have now got a little done on another project. Don't yet know what it's going to be :P

Went to Ikea again today...second time this like it's one of my favourite plases these days. Got some lovely outdoor furnitures. Must show you pics some other time.
Tomorrow 10 hours at work and later in the evening I'm having my cousin over and then we are going out..woohoo ;)

Have a good weekend !!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now I only need a belt for this one I got ready today :)
It's the old yarn that was ment to be a jumper but when I could not find more of the yarn I did rip it all up.
Started to knit a new project and did'nt even know what it's going to be, but turned out to this waistcoat...or what shall I call it :P

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Third cap ready. I love Mandarin Petit. So lovely to knit with :D

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More earrings

These earrings I made for my friend. Gave them to her when we went to them at the midsummed eve. She liked them much. And best thing was that she did wear a necklace with black beads just like they I used :)

Made the white a few days ago and pink ones now today. They look both nice and think the pink ones goes to a friend :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another cap ready. Orange and white looks great together. Would be nice with a jumper in the same colours.
What next?! Must see...have about 100 projects on the go and even more I want to do :D

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Did some painting and then hubby helped me to put up this little shelf on the wall outside near our front door. Turned out just the way I wanted :D

Hubby has also been busy with the garage project. Here's a photo of how far it's now.

I don't know what's wrong but I want to start new knittings all the time :P And here is another cap on the needels. It's always so fun starting new projects!!
Pics of my violets..they have so lovely colours.
And now off to knit and watch tv. Die Hard movie with Bruce ;)

Friday, June 22, 2007

For the project I started yesterday I have 4 balls of yarn. Now it looks like I started it too big and I have'nt got enough yarn, bought the last ones of this colours from the shop :( SO.. now I think I have to start over again and knit a bit smaller..and with bigger needels. Just that I can't find the bigger ones..where have I put them..hmmm..

Just got ready this strawberry cake. Going to take it with us to my cousin where we are going to spend the evening whit her and family. Having a barbeque and going in the sauna. The kids can play, adults can take some wine and beer and enjoy this lovely summer time :D

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Have a good Midsummer !!

Trevlig Midsommar !!

Mukavaa Juhannusta !!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Have had a nice day today. In the morning I made ready a little baby cap for my godchild. Knitted with Mandarin Petit and pattern from Moda 4/2007. I like this cap much so might make another one :) ( on the photo here it's on the dolls head )

Yesterday I had a lovely surprisepackage in the mailbox. It was a Moomin mug and card from my friend who lives here near me. What a lovely summerpressie :) And today she did visit me.

Did bake a rhubarbpie on the day..mmmmm..

And I also got finished the knitted doily. Used Novita Virkkauslanka and pattern from Novita Summer 2006. Had problems with the starch. So if you know some good ways please tell me !!

My friends hubby fixed the computer for me so I can use flasch player and see 'materials' that moves..wooohooooo..Had to make a slideshow rightaway :D :P

Started a new project...something in dark beige ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

In the morning I was lazy watching a film and did some knitting again. Have lots of problems with this one..making mistakes all the time. Now I really want to get it ready fast so I can forget all about :D :P
The yarnshop was closed last week when I was there so made a new trip today. They had summersale and then going to close for the rest of the summer. I know I'm not running out of yarn now either but just had to get some more..I know...I'm hopeless..ha-ha-ha!! Me and yarnshop= bad combination :D
The yarns are Mandarin Petit (4), Alpaca (2), Marks & kattens (1) and Naturgarn no.1 (4)
Have got plans for them all.
And the Marks & Kattens cotton yarn I was planing to give mum as a surprise :)
Think I'll survive the month when the shop is closed now :P
Made a pair of earrings tonight. They are on the way over to Uk with another pair :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thanks for the comments :) I now feel better. Must have been some virus coz' I had the high fever and sore in my legs and arms, ears, throat etc.. Glad it's over for now :) Throat is'nt yet ok..but almost ;)
Yesterday I started knitting a doily and got a bit done. This is photo from last evening. Done some more knitting today and also much frogging...grrr :(

Hubby's at nightshift again so Litte E and I have been home just the two of us.
First it was a bit boring and we could'nt come up with anything to do..
Spend some time outside, but then he fell and hit his head so we came inside to play. He now has a blue forehead..We did draw and colour, then E had a loooong bath while I sat with my feet in warm water and then I did clean our sauna and bathroom. E was happy playing in the water while I was cleaning.
Then bedtime for E and time to knit for me :D

I thought I have all sizes of needels but I was wrong.. I need a few smaller ones coz' I lost one of the needels under our stairs outside. Would like to knit more lace things with thin yarn, so bought some new ones today. Maybe more doilies with the white Novita Kotiväki yarn..either knitted or crochet .
Was on a tabletop sale this morning. (not quite sure of the right word. Peoples sell their old things there) Got 1 t-shirt, 2 jumpers for Little E. A crafty magazine, a ball of cotton yarn and a small decoration. 2 lovely hangers for flowers (putting up photo later ;) ) , a long jeans shirt for me.
Think we found some nice things there and did'nt spend much money either..great !!
Here on the photo is the decoration and the yarn. I like those hands but Little E says he is now afraid of them...hmmm..what shall I do now... :P

PS..Vad roligt att du tittat in här Bodil :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Not feeling well at all...Came home from work yesterday feeling so tired and low. Went to bed and woke up some hours later with fever. Last night was like a nightmare and I did'nt sleep well at all. Over 39 degrees fever. Soon on my way to take a nap again and maybe read in some knitmagazines. No mood for knitting either :(

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just some thoughts...

These bad eatinghabbits starts to drive me crazy by now...feels like it's going totally to the wrong direction.
I was doing well but now lately I just eat all the time. What's the matter!!!
I NEED to start eating can't continue like this :(
Maybe these bad thoughts comes coz' I'm tired, been at work this evening 13-22..and not getting better knowing I have to go to work 7-15 tomorrow.
I want to KNIT!!!!!
But I have already decided to go to the yarnshop tomorrow to chear me up :D So that will keep me going all day til I get there lol :P

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Had a nice day yesterday. First we went to Ikea and later in the evening to the movies. Saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Was good and relaxing time :)

Have been trying to knit ready the knitting I started some time ago with this old yarn that was suppose to be a jersey for me. But when I could'nt find more of the yarn I did frog it and started this other project with it ;) Not long now and it's going to be ready...I hope.
Did try to make some earrings tonight but was'nt in the mood. Not in the mood for much else either. Been feeling a bit low.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Did paint the flower box ( or what shall I call it?! ) and plant the flowers. Turned out like this. I like it much. Now I'm waiting that the flowers starts to bloom :)

And here is a pic of some other lovely flowers.

Did my first mobilephone decoration today. Looks so summery.

I aslo made some earrings. Used metallic and glassbeads. The green fish earrings are so neat. The fisch hangs from a chain.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The project I started on tuesday is now ready. Another pair of socks..just in time for this hot summerweather..ha-ha :D The yarn is Gedifra Cotton Socks Color. The colourcombination is'nt so good I think :P

Plans about my knitting and crafting....

Today I'm going to knit ready the new project I started a few days ago. Then I have some halfdone projects to knit ready....or then start some new ones :D :P

My summer project really needs to continue with..waiting for inspiration to crochet.

Do you know any simple patterns for lace socks?? Just tell me then..coz' I would like to knit some nice ones :)

Then I also need to write letters and make new earrings ;)

Have a good day and I'll be back blogging soon again. And hope to show some pics of finished projects.

Friday, June 08, 2007

What a great post for today. Beads I did order :) Now I try not to order any for a while..just that I needed these to get new earrings done ;)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

OOooohhh..I just found out they are going to send my favourite program this summer again..woohoooo :D Sommartorpet!!
Ernst is going to renovate this old barn into a plase for someone to live in.
You know where you'll find me monday evenings ;)
Having some coffee again..earlier today my coffeebreak was like this..mmmm.. And started a new knitting yesterday ..again ;)