Friday, June 20, 2008

Have started to knit again. :)
I don't watch tv often, but lately I have been watching football with hubby in the evenings, keeping him company :P And while I 'watch' tv I knit fast :D
Have got two new things ready. Need to fasten some loose ends before I take pic's.

I want to wish everyone a nice summertime !!!

Trevlig Midsommar !
Hyvää Juhannusta !

Sunday, June 08, 2008

No crafty mood here :( But decided that it has to change!!

The only crafts I have done the last times is crochetting a few rows on the 'summer project' I started last year.

Feels like I'll never get it ready :P Have done 24 sqares so far.. but more will be done :D

Send me all craftymood you have and I'm going to be so,so happy!!

Have had this one ready for a few months. Wanted the get the edges neat, but now I just want to have it on the table so I'll leave it like it is :)

Used Novita Kotiväki yarn. It's about 53 x 35 cm.