Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have fallen in love with white... and like to shop new things for our home that are white :)
This heartshaped bowl I bought when we where to Stockholm.

Yesterday we bought new lamps. They are'nt yet installed, but we had to try and see how they look like ;)
This one is in the kitchen.

And this one is over our dining-table.
Bought five smaller ones that comes in our hallway, but going to take a pic of them some other time.
Went to Ikea to buy some simple boxes where I can put Little E's small babyclothes in and also found these lovely white baskets :)
They look lovely with magazines and other things in. Might get some more of them next time.

The shawl is almost ready. Have'nt been in knitting mood :( Still sick with the cold and have been home from work.
But what did chear me up so much was when my very good friend and her family did visit us yesterday. Saw her last time a few years ago. And her little boy I have only seen on photos. He is now 1 year. He was so cute!! And what a lovely smile.
Going to miss them all, but was so, so nice that they had time to visit us :D

Friday, February 23, 2007

Been bookshopping coz' it was sale at the store -70% :D
Bought two small 3D books too..if I get in the mood for cutting and crafting someday ;)
Had two day off work and been taking it quite easy coz' I have the cold. Head feels so heavy and have headache often. Throat is sore. Just hope it goes over soon. Working over the weekend so lets see how it goes..would like to stay home in bed, but I'll be good and go to work :)
Been knitting and the socks and shawl..nothing ready yet.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Earlier on the week our family went on a boat cruise to Stockholm, Sweden.
We had a great relaxing time and fun. Little E wanted to spend alot of time in the playroom.
Was nice to come away from home for a few days :)

Then I have been working, sorting out stuffs here at home. Bought a few new boxes to put my crafty things in..

And I do have lots of knittings on the go :P Here you can see some of them.... two pairs of socks, two blankets, a cap.. Trying not to start any new projects at the moment...lets see how it goes ;)

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Pat from UK sent me these needles, few hooks and rowcounter..woohoo..that's so nice :D Thanks Pat !!!

And here is a pic of the things I got from Stine. We had another craft swap :)
There's 4 balls of Rosarios Impression yarn. Lovely purple and lilac colours. And Opal yarn. Have'nt knitted with them before. Then stickers and handmade labels. :D + a lovely card. Thank you Stine!!
And here's a pic of what I did send her ;)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Now I have to make a brooch or something that fits with it. May knit another one, maybe not rightaway but sometime :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Because I did decided to knit ready the project I had on the needles I sat up til 01 last night :D And first thing in the morning when I was up I did fasten the loose ends. And ready!!
Can take a better photo another time ;)
I like the colour and it was a sort of fast knitting this time.
Knitted with Garnstudios Eskimo with needles 10. Pattern from Drops designs.
When I was to the craftshop to buy needles they did'nt have them, but the kind owner did borrow her's nr 10 needles to me :) What a good

And here is a pic of the lovely earrings from Babsy's shop.

Have had a great knitty day..not been doing much else. Started on the cap for the along :) Looks good so far! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday, February 09, 2007

It's been a while since last posting. Have had other things on my mind. Little E's got chickenpox and I have been spending time with him and then been at work some of the days this week. Have done some knitting too.
It's good when I can sit on the floor 'playing' and knit at the same time :D :)
Had in plans to get my project ready tonight but looks like it's going to be a bit left til tomorrow.
Bought new earrings, and I like them much. Posting a pic tomorrow ;)
Then I also got the yarn for this months cap so going to start it soon.
Also have a few projects on the needles that I need to get too much on the go :P

Monday, February 05, 2007

On the weekend it was celebrating and cake. Had friends and family over and we all had a good time. Lots of new toys and stuffs. Bet someone's happy :D
Have been knitting and stitching. Started knitting on two new things ;) Also got an order for a pair of socks and have been asked to teach a little girl how to crochet :) Sounds fun..
Think I need to start eating.. or at least trying :P .. to eat healthier from now on. Not loosing any weight with all cookies and cakes :P uuuppssss.... So this was todays lunch.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

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Today is little E's birthday.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting years old!! And I remember it like yesterday when he was born. Mums little sweetheart, I love you!
Have a great day!!!
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