Thursday, August 31, 2006

A few years ago I was on a bobbin lace class and it was fun. But due to workshifts etc I could'nt continue. So now I'm going to start it again :) Did look out for my things so I have them ready for the class. It's still a few weeks until it starts..
Have some books from the library that I'm looking at, might find some nice patterns.
But before I can start something new I think the teacher want's me to get this lace ready. It's to fasten it to the fabric and sew the threads. Wonder if it's difficult.

Today is the last day of UFO-august. Started to crochet the squares into a small blanket. Want to get it ready so I'll continue with it.

I got a sock order and I'm excited about it ;) she sayd she's going to buy the yarn so let's see what happends.
Last time I got an order the person did call it off just when I was about to get started :(
I hope I have better luck this time ;)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Here she is. Our new familymember, my hubbys sisters little girl. She is so lovely. And I hope I'll meet them soon again. Cute little sweetheart !!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Have'nt got many ufos done lately.. but today I did knit and sew what was left on this little baby cardigan. I like the yarn and colours on it. The heartbuttons looks cute too. And I think you can guess who's going to get it ;)

So a bit of babyboom here :D

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some stitching

Have got some stitchings done.
Here is my picture on the Rr I'm in. The theme on this one is snowmen.

Had to make a card for my hubbys sister. Her baby was born yesterday and we are going to see her today :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Been sorting out in my stuffs and I admit I have too much two different blankets..or..a good start :D ha.a.haaa..

And two small i-cord machines. One from the 70's and a home made from the 80's ;)

Monday, August 21, 2006

The table

Before and
After it's ready. Did paint it quite many times. It's lightblue ;)

Did'nt turn out the way I thought it would , coz' I should have done much more work on it before painting. But it's ok and I like it anyway :D

Thursday, August 17, 2006 last!

So here she is. My little sweetheart I have had since I was a little girl. Now she's last :) She's been at my parents all these years. Already dreaming of making things for her little pram, new clothes for her etc :D

Have been knitting last a little inspiration! And here you can see how much I have knitted on the top. Would like too get it ready soon ;)
Still no ufos ready. Seems like it was'nt such a good idea after all..ha..a..haaa.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lots of houseworks..hoowering, mopping etc. Just a little stitching done, but have'nt found my craftybug yet :(
Hubby made these cookies tonight and they taste soo good...mmmmmmm....

Pooh & co

Made a test and found out I'm like :

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

On our shopping on saturday we got some new things for the house. You can see I do like white ;) I like to collect white and old styled things for our home and have got a few things already and these are nice too.

Then there where a sale in the yarnshop and I got these cute pale pinc (or is it apricot) yarns. Novita Lily. They where only 1 euro ;) Don't know what to knit of it and when I was in the shop I could not come up with ideas for other yarns either so I got just these this time :)

This weekend I have also tryed to get my crochetted poncho ready. BUT..did sew the pieces together and it doesn't look good at all :( !!! So I did rip it up again. Noticed that at some point I have started to crochet with a ½ size smaller hook and it does'nt look good. And one of the pieces is a bit smaller, although the rows are the same on them :( Now I don't know what to do with them. Almost throwd them in the bin. Have totally lost the intrest of my ufo's and crafting.. Think this is some ufo syndrome I'm having and just have to wait til I get better, or do someone know something that will ease this and get the craftymood back??

Friday, August 11, 2006

My coffeebreak.., icecream, homedecorating and stitchmags and a card I need to get finished :) + lots of dreaming....... Broste .. IB Laursen ..
Going into town in the evening to take a look in some homedecorating shops..most for inspiration. And have to wait til the day I can afford to buy something nice. I L.o.v.e the old style and country style <3

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not much crafts done, have been so lazy with the knitting and crochetting. Done a little stitching on the rr. Going to be a snowman. Right timing now when we have so hot over here. Quite wintry picture :)

Had to start writing and drawing up my ideas in a booklet so I don't forget them now while I'm not suppose to start anything new !!!! Maybe that's why my crafty mood starts to disappear?! Feels like I don't get anything finished and I would like to go and shop yarns, and lots of them! Sayd to hubby the other day that is this how it feels for a smoker to stop :D Might have the same symptoms!! Wonder when my hands starts to shake and I start to hallucinate :o) Then please someone get me to the doc's will you. This seems to be a bit harder than I thought.. ;)

Have also been looking in the Margaret Sherry chart book I got from Jenny. Thank you ;) I love the designs and are already planing what I would like to stitch..

Still in shock!!

Saw handknitted scarfs for sale in a store and they where over 70 euros and shawls for about 100-120€
Have to think over again about my crafty business..and soon I'm rich too..NOT!!

XXxxX been stitching, just a little ;) XxXXX

Noticed Nya Rum has started again on tv. Hope I don't miss anything nice ( or I know there's always nice thing ;) ) coz' we don't have a tv.. But I can surf on their nice site on the net.. In Swedish though ;)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baking, stitching, crochetting, painting.....

Today I have'nt had headache..hureeiii.. Had it so often lately. In the morning I did some baking mmmm :D Then had some friends over and started to stitch on the rr. Nice with company to chat with, and they both had their stitchings along too..great! I found a cute snowman design to stitch :) Then I have been crochetting and later in the evening I did the last paintings on the big veranda. One long and one short walk, some chatting on the net + other things too, so quite a nice day here ;)

Monday, August 07, 2006

I think the shorts looks so cute and just perfect..

I have my wip, the top, on the needels but did sort out my next ufo also. It's going to be crochetting this time ;) Started this a long time ago. Noticed that I have been using the wrong size hook so lost interest in making it ready. But maybe this time I get it finished..let's see !

Another lovely sunny day here..done all the houseworks and now I'm going to sit down and crochet..or maybe knit..;)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Two finishes for today ;)

Had a bit better day today and got some knittings done too ;) In the morning I got the scarf ready and here you can see it and some of my flowers (remember I have'nt got green fingers and not much flowers either so have to take a pic of the few flowers I :D )
And in the evening I got my second ufo done. Started it a few months ago and then lost the interest so count it as an ufo ;) Had some sewings to do and it turned out fine. I like the edges on the shorts!
I'm pleased with both of todays finishes...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

No pics to post and not much to tell either. Have'nt been feeling so good today and only knitted a few rows on the scarf.
Better day tomorrow then ;)
Think I'll get the sacrf ready too!
Looks like ufo august is'nt going so good after all. And I have a few things I would need to start on, but, but ..I try not to.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lazy day

Have'nt been doing much knittings or other crafts today. Just a bit on the pink scarf and it's about to be ready :) Been feeling lazy and had headache so hope for a better day tomorrow.

On the pic you see what I made for us..mmmmmmm ;)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ufo august day 2

And the painting continues day after day. Seems like it never ends..pheeww. But it has to be done so not much to do about it than p.a.i.n.t :D Glad I like it!!

In the morning I got my first ufo ready..hureeyy. And it was just perfect timing coz' I gave it to mum mum ;) She thought it was a nice present + the lovely flowers (forgot to take a pic)
Now off to bed and maybe I'll get some knitting done tomorrow. Have noticed that when I go to bed lots of ideas spins around in my head, about what I want to start knit, sew etc..AND it's just my second day at the ufo-august when I try not to start new projects. How is this going to work??!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The craftmagazine Suuri Käsityölehti came today and there is'nt much I would like to do from it this time..ooh yes, have'nt done much from the other ones before either but every time I have big plans about what I would like to do ;) lol.. Thought I put up a few pics of the nice ones I like :)

Cute lamb pillows. Would be nice in some fluffy fabric.

Something to knit. They are lovely!

And Lordi to stitch..hmmmm?!! :D Dare I stitch him or Would be a great present for my sister!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingToday we start the UFO-along and I did take some of my ufo's out and took a picture of them. I think that if I look again I still find something I have forgot about.
Here on the pic is a few knittings, stitchings, crochettings and painting projects :D Hope to get some of them ready now in august..

Started with this knitted tablecloth. Not much to do to get this one ready ;)
Så hoppas den snart blir klar, jess... Bara att fästa trådarna, spänna upp och fås rund :)