Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The craftmagazine Suuri Käsityölehti came today and there is'nt much I would like to do from it this time..ooh yes, have'nt done much from the other ones before either but every time I have big plans about what I would like to do ;) lol.. Thought I put up a few pics of the nice ones I like :)

Cute lamb pillows. Would be nice in some fluffy fabric.

Something to knit. They are lovely!

And Lordi to stitch..hmmmm?!! :D Dare I stitch him or not..lol.. Would be a great present for my sister!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingToday we start the UFO-along and I did take some of my ufo's out and took a picture of them. I think that if I look again I still find something I have forgot about.
Here on the pic is a few knittings, stitchings, crochettings and painting projects :D Hope to get some of them ready now in august..

Started with this knitted tablecloth. Not much to do to get this one ready ;)
Så hoppas den snart blir klar, jess... Bara att fästa trådarna, spänna upp och fås rund :)

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nekkis said...

Tuo vihreä neule osui minunkin silmääni heti, ehdottomasti pakko-tehdä -listalle! Väri vain on jopa mulle ehkä hieman liian kirkas, mutta eihän se mitään estä. Lampaatkin oli kyllä söpöjä.