Thursday, August 31, 2006

A few years ago I was on a bobbin lace class and it was fun. But due to workshifts etc I could'nt continue. So now I'm going to start it again :) Did look out for my things so I have them ready for the class. It's still a few weeks until it starts..
Have some books from the library that I'm looking at, might find some nice patterns.
But before I can start something new I think the teacher want's me to get this lace ready. It's to fasten it to the fabric and sew the threads. Wonder if it's difficult.

Today is the last day of UFO-august. Started to crochet the squares into a small blanket. Want to get it ready so I'll continue with it.

I got a sock order and I'm excited about it ;) she sayd she's going to buy the yarn so let's see what happends.
Last time I got an order the person did call it off just when I was about to get started :(
I hope I have better luck this time ;)


villasukka said...

Because you write in English, I'll answer in E. as well. So, I definitely don't like weaving in the threads, I never get in done neatly... But attaching the lace into the fabric is ok. I always do it by hand as it seems to my mind be the correct thing to do.

Stitchy Fingers said...

I have been thinking of starting up bobbin lace again, though only to finish the piece I started many years ago. I wish I could just do it on my own!

I like the frames you put around your photos.