Sunday, August 13, 2006

On our shopping on saturday we got some new things for the house. You can see I do like white ;) I like to collect white and old styled things for our home and have got a few things already and these are nice too.

Then there where a sale in the yarnshop and I got these cute pale pinc (or is it apricot) yarns. Novita Lily. They where only 1 euro ;) Don't know what to knit of it and when I was in the shop I could not come up with ideas for other yarns either so I got just these this time :)

This weekend I have also tryed to get my crochetted poncho ready. BUT..did sew the pieces together and it doesn't look good at all :( !!! So I did rip it up again. Noticed that at some point I have started to crochet with a ½ size smaller hook and it does'nt look good. And one of the pieces is a bit smaller, although the rows are the same on them :( Now I don't know what to do with them. Almost throwd them in the bin. Have totally lost the intrest of my ufo's and crafting.. Think this is some ufo syndrome I'm having and just have to wait til I get better, or do someone know something that will ease this and get the craftymood back??

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Hulda said...

Så flotte de hvite tingene dine er! Jeg liker også den stilen i huset.