Monday, July 31, 2006

I need a present for my friend tomorrow so decorated these kitchen tools with flowers. I like to paint other things than the house too you see ;)
And a closer picture here.. Hope she likes them. Ooh noo..forgot to make a card..

SOON it starts..the UFO-august!! The along we have on Hobbyboden..yippeeee... I still have tomorrow left to start new things,,,hmmm what could it be, a new scarf. ha-aa-haaa :D

But I really need a present for my mum so might do that tomorrow if I have time. Been busy today but had some time to knit. I must find time for knitting ;) And now the table's been painted 3 times and it's not good :( Also housepainting this evening..pheewww!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's going to look good. Not ready yet and it's not painted but I had to take pic's anyway ;)

Been knitting a bit and I like this new technique, nice to try other things :) Also been thinking that can I really keep it to ufo-august..hmmm wondering. ONE month without starting new projects!! But I also wan't to get some of the ufos done so think I need :D H.e.l.p..

Would be nice with friends over for chat and coffee..knitting and crafting ;) You can always dream.. AND I did'nt win on the Lotto today either :(

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The knittings I have on the go at the moment. Started the blue one today but I'm not quite sure about it, could have used one size bigger needles but have to see if I'll continue on it. Pink one is soon ready :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New try trying again this morning and now blogger seems to be my friend again ;)
Here's the yarns I dyed. Did use the owen method and both yarns was the same colour before I rinsed them. Looks like the other one was no good for colouring coz' all colour got off it so turned out so pale.
Also noticed that Tropical Punch and Jamaica KoolAid are both red too :( even though the bags are blue and green. I thought I would have got some new colours on my yarns, but noooooo . Glad I like red and it's one of my favourite colours. One of the yarn's is Novita Nalle and the other was something old I found in my savings ;)

And here is the babybooties. Cute. But the yarn, Novita Nalle, is'nt quite suitable for this. The yarn is one of my earlier colourings ;)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Grrrr.rrr blogger don't wan't to load my pictures tonight.. So have to post them some other time.

Made a pair of babybooties today. They did'nt turn out so good coz' of the yarn I used. Have to try with some other yarn next time ;)

And now it's decided. I'm going to have an UFO- August!! ( ok..if I need something like a present or card I'm going to make it ) Trying to make ready halfdone projects. I do think I have projects for a :D.. but I start with a month. Others are going to join me so it's going to be fun!!

Need to tell you our verandafloors are ready and it's nice to sit out there and knit :)

Olen tässä miettinyt että lukeekohan ketään täältä kotisuomest mun blogia, mutta onneks Ziina pelasti päivän ja oli jättänyt kommentin..huh, onhan siellä sentään joku!! Laitan langanvärjäyskuvaa kunhan blogger suostuu yhteistyöhön ja lataa taas kuvia :)

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm sooo tired, and soon off to bed.
Been painting the veranda roof for about 3 hours this evening and then it got so dark so I had to come in. But hubby and I got it painted ready.. yeiiii :D

This weekend I have started a new crochetting and a knitting .. and did crochet a startcoaster for my sister when I was visiting her. Today I did dye some yarn too ;)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We don't yet have a garden and I have'nt got green fingers, but I love flowers and have a few of them. And I fell in love with this one! The colour is so lovely, just perfect!!
And how is my other summerprojects going. Here you can see how this turned out. But I still wait for some flowers to come up ;) In the outdoor toilet I have only painted one wall so not much done about that, have'nt had time (good )

Yesterday I started stitching the pictures for the birthday cards I needed for today. Did'nt think I'll get them ready but I did, pheewww..Hope the girls like them ;)

It's been a bit boring day today and I could'nt come up with what to start doind so continued knitting on the scarf and later I did paint a bit on the house and then the table. The table I have to paint a few times to get it look ok.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Got the crochetted tablecloth ready. I like the way the colours turned up. It's the koolaid yarn I dyed the other day. And here is a closer pic of it ;)

Have been painting today..again!! My mum did help me but coz' she's afraid to go up on the ladder she did paint so far she could reach from the ground. So I had quite much to paint, but I like it so no problem ;) Going to continue tomorrow.
Did paint a bit on the table too and on something I'm going to post pics about later ;)

Would like to start a new crochetting, knitting or :D

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crafty weekend

This old table I got a few years ago. Almost got rid of it coz' it's not in so good condition and I don't like the colour. But I like the old style on it. SO..decided that I need to do sometheing about it. And did work 2 hours on it today. To be continued later so you'll have to wait and see what happends ;)

And I started knitting a scarf ( woops..another scarf..I ;) ) yesterday and have done quite a bit already. Then I had to crochet with my newdyed yarn so started something small again.

Have also been painting a little today, cleaned two chairs, been visiting our neighbours and been playing with little E ..Pheeewww..sometimes days are like this. Soon I need a relaxing day ;)
And last evening we went to my parents and stayd the night there, so wonder when I did all this lol :D

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coffee break

Last evening I started a new knitting..again. I still knit you know ;)
Was up til about 00.30 and had to try out this new pattern. Then today I noticed I had started all wrong so had to rip up about 7 cm..grrr..and start over again.
Now I have knitted a bit and some more yarn is in the colourmixup also :)
Thought hubby needs a little surprice so had our coffee break outside in the sun. Mmmmmm...strawberry icecream and coffee.
I think I must have something for the light pink at the ;) no wonder coz' it's my favourite colour!!
Does'nt this look romantic...aaaww..

Friday, July 14, 2006

The yarn turned out pale but I like it. It was just a test so did'nt dye so much, and had to come up with something small to make of it so I could see how the colours looks like.
I did use orange and strawberry koolaid.

After a while I found a lovely crochetpattern and made 3 small stars..hmmm...not sure what to call them in ;) But I can use them for decorating or like here under my teacup. I like the colourchanging on the yarn. maybe I need to make more of it, what do you think ;)

And..last evening I did'nt got anything knitted even though I had a knitting with me to mil's. We had so much work with the strawberrys so my finger is still a bit red :D

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Feels a bit silly to be waiting for the new Novita magazine when I have all these to read. But have seen that others already got the Novita mag so wondering where my copy is.
Drömhem & Trädgård came today and I just love this magazine. So much about homedecorating in it and lovely pictures. Would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee and read. BUT we have no coffee :( so need to go to the foodmarket. And later we are going to mil's so think it's no reading today.
I did also try to dye some crochettingyarn. Hubbys friend went to USA and had some KoolAid and a bag as souvenirs for me :D. So nice of him. So now I can dye a bit again. The coulours on the crochettingyarn turned out quite pale and are drying outside at the moment. Going to be exciting to see what it's going to look like and what I come up with to do with it ;)

It's a lovely sunny day and I have done all the houseworks and the food. Now I have to look for a knitting or crochetting to take with me to mil's. Hope to get at least a little done this evening.

And I have got a few new ideas for things I wan't to do. But more about it some other time ;)

Have a good day!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Okeiii, so this is what my last evenings project was. Made them ready today. Small weights to hang on the table-cloth. I got so fed up at all the time put it into place when it's windy. But now this thing is sorted ;)

Yesterday I also got ready two crochetted hangers and sewd them on my new towels :D Now I wan't to make more of them!!

Here you can see the colour we are painting on the house. Pale blue. Have now been painting last evening a few hours and today too. Two sides on the house is already done,, good working for hubby and I ;)

Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm back blogging..

So here I am , back blogging :) On the picture you see this evenings project. Only one to go and then it's finished.
And I have also been painting on the house for a few hours..pheewww. Still so much to paint.
I have started a crochetting but going to post pics when I get a little more done. Then I decided that I really must make ready the halfdone projects I have been talking about..I MUST.. Please someone send me some motivation to do them lol :D
Hope you have'nt forgot about me and stop by this blog again.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sunny summerday..

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Do you still remember me (?!) if anyone is looking at this blog I mean.
Have had so much to do lately that I have'nt got almost any crafts done :( Wuups..almost lied now coz' last evening I did paint a small picture. And then I have been painting on our house. And most my time goes to get things done inside and outside the house + taking care of little E. STILL no computer and we did'nt put up the tv either. But have'nt been missing the tv at all, just some surfing on the net and chatting is what I miss.
Green shorts still undone, so is the cardigan and stitchings too. I feel sooo bad..buuhuuu..
Not done anything in such long did it turn into this ?! OK have to admit that I have also started lots of new things and the painting takes time. Did paint a wall in the outdoor toilet too. So must be there my time goes.
Have a good day!!