Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crafty weekend

This old table I got a few years ago. Almost got rid of it coz' it's not in so good condition and I don't like the colour. But I like the old style on it. SO..decided that I need to do sometheing about it. And did work 2 hours on it today. To be continued later so you'll have to wait and see what happends ;)

And I started knitting a scarf ( woops..another scarf..I ;) ) yesterday and have done quite a bit already. Then I had to crochet with my newdyed yarn so started something small again.

Have also been painting a little today, cleaned two chairs, been visiting our neighbours and been playing with little E ..Pheeewww..sometimes days are like this. Soon I need a relaxing day ;)
And last evening we went to my parents and stayd the night there, so wonder when I did all this lol :D


Hulda said...

Hei! Så fin blogg du har, masse fint du har laget. Bordet blir nok enda finere med et par malingsstrøk, kanskje hvitt eller en annen nyanse. Kikk gjerne innom min blogg også:

Hulda said...

hei, ser du har vært innom blogshoppen min, det er stille der nå i sommer, har ikke tid til å sy og lage så mye nå. Håper du kikker innom bloggen min også.

elisabeth augusta said...

Skjønner godt at du valgte å pusse opp dette bordet. Det kommer til å bli kjempefint.