Monday, July 24, 2006

Grrrr.rrr blogger don't wan't to load my pictures tonight.. So have to post them some other time.

Made a pair of babybooties today. They did'nt turn out so good coz' of the yarn I used. Have to try with some other yarn next time ;)

And now it's decided. I'm going to have an UFO- August!! ( ok..if I need something like a present or card I'm going to make it ) Trying to make ready halfdone projects. I do think I have projects for a :D.. but I start with a month. Others are going to join me so it's going to be fun!!

Need to tell you our verandafloors are ready and it's nice to sit out there and knit :)

Olen tässä miettinyt että lukeekohan ketään täältä kotisuomest mun blogia, mutta onneks Ziina pelasti päivän ja oli jättänyt kommentin..huh, onhan siellä sentään joku!! Laitan langanvärjäyskuvaa kunhan blogger suostuu yhteistyöhön ja lataa taas kuvia :)

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Villasukka said...

Kyllä lukee!

Anonymous said...

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