Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sunny summerday..

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Do you still remember me (?!) if anyone is looking at this blog I mean.
Have had so much to do lately that I have'nt got almost any crafts done :( Wuups..almost lied now coz' last evening I did paint a small picture. And then I have been painting on our house. And most my time goes to get things done inside and outside the house + taking care of little E. STILL no computer and we did'nt put up the tv either. But have'nt been missing the tv at all, just some surfing on the net and chatting is what I miss.
Green shorts still undone, so is the cardigan and stitchings too. I feel sooo bad..buuhuuu..
Not done anything in such long time..how did it turn into this ?! OK have to admit that I have also started lots of new things and the painting takes time. Did paint a wall in the outdoor toilet too. So must be there my time goes.
Have a good day!!

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