Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Got the crochetted tablecloth ready. I like the way the colours turned up. It's the koolaid yarn I dyed the other day. And here is a closer pic of it ;)

Have been painting today..again!! My mum did help me but coz' she's afraid to go up on the ladder she did paint so far she could reach from the ground. So I had quite much to paint, but I like it so no problem ;) Going to continue tomorrow.
Did paint a bit on the table too and on something I'm going to post pics about later ;)

Would like to start a new crochetting, knitting or something..lol..uuuups :D


Hulda said...

Duken ble veldig fin, er jo ekstra artig at du har farget garnet selv også. Jeg legger en link til deg i bloggen min. :)

Diana said...

The table cloth turned out cute!