Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We don't yet have a garden and I have'nt got green fingers, but I love flowers and have a few of them. And I fell in love with this one! The colour is so lovely, just perfect!!
And how is my other summerprojects going. Here you can see how this turned out. But I still wait for some flowers to come up ;) In the outdoor toilet I have only painted one wall so not much done about that, have'nt had time (good )

Yesterday I started stitching the pictures for the birthday cards I needed for today. Did'nt think I'll get them ready but I did, pheewww..Hope the girls like them ;)

It's been a bit boring day today and I could'nt come up with what to start doind so continued knitting on the scarf and later I did paint a bit on the house and then the table. The table I have to paint a few times to get it look ok.

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Hulda said...

Liljen var veldig fin, flott farge, og steinarrangementet ser også fint ut. :o)