Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Forgot to show you that I got ready my third tablecloth with this lovely design. My new favourite.
Crochet in Finlayson Maija. And it's about 40 cm in circumfence.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stuffs ready

Since my last post I have made some things ready. Coz' I always have many projects on the go it feels like it takes ages to get anything ready.

Last week we went on a cruise and had fun. On this weekend it's work and next week some days off. Planing to get other things ready then.

Here's a birthdaycard with a 3D bear and paperflowers.

Slippers knitted with Novita Polaris. Crochetted flowers with a bead on. It's not such a good yarn, handwash.. Had other things in plan for this yarn, but coz' I did'nt like it so much it's good to make smaller things with it.
Feels warm on my feet :)

Kids cap. The yarn is Mandarin Petite. I love to knit caps ;)

And a fast tv project. Just a simple crochet scarf with Maija yarn. 11 x 132 cm.

Did try to use iron on picture for the first time. Made a heart with a cute picture.
And a little heart filled with lavendel and added a text with fabric colour and stamps.

Bought this Novita Kolibri yarn a long time ago. Planed to be a waistcoat for son. But turned out to a baby jersey. Not my kind of yarn this either..blaah...

Hope for some better yarns and projects now on .

Have some good time crafting everyone.