Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mystery Shawl

Now the mystery shawl is ready. Did take a while to make the last looong rows ready.
On the picture it's on blocking and it's evening so not any good pictures. Must take a new one in daylight.
I love the design from Vickevira. And the yarn ( Järbo garn fantasi ) is lovely to knit with, but not sure what I thought about when I bought this yarn..way too dark colours.
This turned out to a big shawl.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sooo slow..

Lately I have been a bit tired so not much craftings done.
Knitting on the mystery shawl, but it's going so slow. Hope to get it all done soon so I can start new projects.
Have joined the sock knit along, so it's going to be socks on the list too.

Have a good time!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Coasters and shawl

 When we where on the car trip I did crochet these coasters. 8 of them.
You see..I must always have something to do with my hands ;)
Yarns: Novita Kotiväki and Mandarin Petite

And these other two I made a few days ago.
Yarn: Novita Kotiväki Colour

 Knitting on the mystery shawl is fun. Have got ready clue 2 now too. So I hope that we got the next one soon.
This Järbo fantasi yarn is so soft, but I'm not sure if the colours are so neat. A bit dark.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Mystery shawl kal

I found Ravelry for a long time ago but have'nt had a look at it so much. A few days ago I thought why not see what it's all about. Looks like lot's of ideas, inspiration and fun.

Decided to join in a knit-a-long. It's a mystery shawl and so nice to knit.
A little problems at first but now it's going well.
My yarn for the shawl is Järbo Garn Fantasi.