Monday, August 08, 2011

Coasters and shawl

 When we where on the car trip I did crochet these coasters. 8 of them.
You see..I must always have something to do with my hands ;)
Yarns: Novita Kotiväki and Mandarin Petite

And these other two I made a few days ago.
Yarn: Novita Kotiväki Colour

 Knitting on the mystery shawl is fun. Have got ready clue 2 now too. So I hope that we got the next one soon.
This Järbo fantasi yarn is so soft, but I'm not sure if the colours are so neat. A bit dark.


Pammy Sue said...

LOVE the coasters and your shawl!


Beautiful coasters, especially in the first pic!!Your shawl looks pretty too!!

Hugomamma said...

Hej där!
Jag använder stickor 4 på min sjal med Drops alpaka. Det fungerar bra.
Vilken fin sjal du får. Garnet är snyggt.
Jag gillar verkligen sjalmönstret.
Tack för titten!

sandra said...

Love those coasters and coloures you've chosen!

A-nose said...

very beautiful!!I love the color look so soft and peaceful~~ :)