Thursday, March 29, 2007

Now the cleaning is done and we have moved upstairs..woohooo :D !! So glad I got help from mum :)
All rooms are ready. Just the toilet we are doing later.
Now we need to buy furnitures and other things. Already got some new things for Little E.
I have'nt got anything to put my things in yet so they are still in boxes on the
Not much craftings done the last few days coz' of all the other things I have been doing.
E's sleeping in his own room now, and the two first nights went quite ok ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

At the moment the two smaller rooms upstairs looks like this.. I would say they are more like some stock rooms. But tomorrow I'll get my mum to come and help me and we start to clean up. Hubby has to figure out where to put all the things :P We have'nt got any garage to put them in, so not sure what we do.
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Been out on a walk in the lovely sunshine. We have a warm day over here. Feels like spring. I hope we don't get any more snow now..I think spring can come to stay!!!
I saw this years first butterfly..a lovely yellow one.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hubby and E came home from McDonalds and had bought a kidsmeal for E with some pink toy..or so hubby thought. Inside it was a pencil, stickers and a ruler. Not much to use for a little kid..but even better for a bigger :D Just perfect to keep my hooks in..woohooo !!

And my new 'summer poject' ( do call it so coz' of the lovely summercolours ;) ) is on the go. Crochetting all the time. Got even a little done at work today too :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not much time to chat or blog on the internet lately. Little E's sick again. Fever, coughing and have been throwing up. Just great :( And the nights are'nt going too well either.
Had to come away from the house for a while so did take an extra workshift on one of the kindergartens for today :) Went fine.
Have decided to work extra so I can save for furnitures to my own room :D Have got my eyes on this lovely chair from Ikea.
The other day when I was feeling a bit low hubby came home with this beautiful rose..sometime he sure can surprise me!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

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Had a good day today although it's the last days of my 'holiday' and weeks off from work.
Did take a shift at the kindergarten ( now you must think I'm a bit wierd who takes extra works on my days off from the other :D ) and today we had so lovely sunshine and warm springday that we spent much time outside.
In the evening we had tortillas and nice relaxing time together.. hubby, E and me :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Think I have now found a new background I like :)

Last week I got this little waistcoat ready. Knitted in Novita Wool. Made up the pattern myself, and had some problems with the ending on top. Had in plans to sew some decorations on it, but have'nt come up with any good ideas yet ;) And think it's no hurry coz' I don't know who's going to get :D

Been shopping. Can never have too much yarns..ha-ha.. Novita Jasmin and Mandarin Petit. Lovely pastelcolours. Had to try if the Jasmin is good for crochet..think so ..

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Have had quite much going on the last days so not had time for blogging. Also trying not to spend toooo much time at the computer, and yesterday I had the comp shut all that's something :D
Had mum and dad visiting. Also my sister's been here. She stayd over the night. I have been out on a girly night although I was'nt much in the mood..but it was ok anyway ;) Seen mil and hubbys sister + little babygirl M. She's grown so much..

Did knit ready the green socks a few days ago and have already started something new.. in pink. Just having so much problems with it..grrr.. I'm not so good at coming up with own patterns :(

Earlier on the week I was on the bobbing lace class. It was fun. Had not done any on my little laceheart this year, but now it looks like I someday can get it ready :P
Here is a pic of the socks. I like them and they turned out neat. My friend from work orderd them for her son, so hope they fits right.
Must show this cross stitch picture my sister did while she was here today. She's not much into craftings but wanted to stitch something to put on a card for her boyfriend :) Cute!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One down, one to go...until I can start some new knittings :P
Have already been planing a few :D
Two weeks off work and it's started ok. Had another trip to Ikea to get some small things I need. Then went to visit my cousine.
Have been knitting on the green socks and the other blanket. Seems like the blanket is another lifetime project coz' I have so small needels. Nr 4 but think I could have used 5 or even 6..grrrr!
Today we got more snow. I was already thinking that soon we get spring over here coz' we have had so warm and sunny days. I do like snow, but enough is enough ;) Better get used to the wintry weather then..and spring..where are you??

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Todays been an UFO day with old projects. On this tablecloth I had only some of the threads left to fasted and then to press it.. Turned out nice and it's going to be great til Easter :)
Wonder why I did'nt make it ready better late... :P
And these turned out to coasters. They where sewn together and I had in plans to continue to crochet a boarder around, but have not the yarn left :( So think they look better like this :D

AND... at long last the little blanket is READY!!! It's 75 cm x 45 cm.Started it so many years ago that I can't even remember For the fastening I did use quite a small hook so think that's why I get so fed up at all crochetting.
Glad it's over now :D
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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hubby and dad has been busy today. They started making the floors upstairs and now we have a floor in our bedroom..yeiiii :D Looks great!! Tomorrow they continue with the hall.

I have been doing a lot of crochetting, spending time outside with Little E and my mum. Playing in the snow, went on promenades. Serving food and coffee. Little E's been playing and having fun, but in the evening he just wanted to sit on my lap and was so tired. First I thought it was coz' we have been outside so much but noticed he's hot and have fever over 39 degrees. Yeah right...looks like we start our holiday with a sick little one :(
Also got our new lamps installed today :) Thanks dad ;)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Was going to do a quick hoovering, but then got a little helper. That's great, maybe I from now on have some more help with the houseworks. And looks like it's fun too..only sad moment was when I had to put the hoover away ;) But it went over quickly :)

One of the socks are ready. It's the order I got a while ago and really would like to get them ready to give now.. I have also been fastening loose ends on the blanket. But not much crafting other than that. Have had my head sick and been resting much of the evening while Litte E's been watching Pingu and Pippi dvd's :) Really getting tired at this cold and headaches. Hope for a geat crafty weekend with finished things :D

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I would so like to start on some new knitproject but still have'nt got any of these ready :P AND..have decided that I must get at least two of the halfdone ready before I start anything new :( Me and my silly :D

So this evening I have done a little on the green socks and then crochetted on the blanket.

This animation is so great!!

When Knitting becomes an obsession. ( I really can see myself in this one :P )

Shawl knitted in Kitten Mohair. 160 x 80 cm. Needles nr 8.

And todays pack away all the small babyclothes and toys. Brings back lots of memories.. But better have them all in one plase than allover the house. And now we have room in the cupboards for other things.

Some pictures from the hall upstairs. Not much left now before it's ready . Some electricityworks and then the floor :)