Sunday, March 11, 2007

Have had quite much going on the last days so not had time for blogging. Also trying not to spend toooo much time at the computer, and yesterday I had the comp shut all that's something :D
Had mum and dad visiting. Also my sister's been here. She stayd over the night. I have been out on a girly night although I was'nt much in the mood..but it was ok anyway ;) Seen mil and hubbys sister + little babygirl M. She's grown so much..

Did knit ready the green socks a few days ago and have already started something new.. in pink. Just having so much problems with it..grrr.. I'm not so good at coming up with own patterns :(

Earlier on the week I was on the bobbing lace class. It was fun. Had not done any on my little laceheart this year, but now it looks like I someday can get it ready :P
Here is a pic of the socks. I like them and they turned out neat. My friend from work orderd them for her son, so hope they fits right.
Must show this cross stitch picture my sister did while she was here today. She's not much into craftings but wanted to stitch something to put on a card for her boyfriend :) Cute!

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