Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One down, one to go...until I can start some new knittings :P
Have already been planing a few things..lol :D
Two weeks off work and it's started ok. Had another trip to Ikea to get some small things I need. Then went to visit my cousine.
Have been knitting on the green socks and the other blanket. Seems like the blanket is another lifetime project coz' I have so small needels. Nr 4 but think I could have used 5 or even 6..grrrr!
Today we got more snow. I was already thinking that soon we get spring over here coz' we have had so warm and sunny days. I do like snow, but enough is enough ;) Better get used to the wintry weather then..and spring..where are you??

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can honestly say I think we had our last snowfall for the year. I just want to put away the boots, mittens and scarves. I'm ready for shorts and flip-flops!