Friday, July 14, 2006

The yarn turned out pale but I like it. It was just a test so did'nt dye so much, and had to come up with something small to make of it so I could see how the colours looks like.
I did use orange and strawberry koolaid.

After a while I found a lovely crochetpattern and made 3 small stars..hmmm...not sure what to call them in ;) But I can use them for decorating or like here under my teacup. I like the colourchanging on the yarn. maybe I need to make more of it, what do you think ;)

And..last evening I did'nt got anything knitted even though I had a knitting with me to mil's. We had so much work with the strawberrys so my finger is still a bit red :D

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Vicki said...

Those are beautiful love!!!