Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not much crafts done, have been so lazy with the knitting and crochetting. Done a little stitching on the rr. Going to be a snowman. Right timing now when we have so hot over here. Quite wintry picture :)

Had to start writing and drawing up my ideas in a booklet so I don't forget them now while I'm not suppose to start anything new !!!! Maybe that's why my crafty mood starts to disappear?! Feels like I don't get anything finished and I would like to go and shop yarns, and lots of them! Sayd to hubby the other day that is this how it feels for a smoker to stop :D Might have the same symptoms!! Wonder when my hands starts to shake and I start to hallucinate :o) Then please someone get me to the doc's will you. This seems to be a bit harder than I thought.. ;)

Have also been looking in the Margaret Sherry chart book I got from Jenny. Thank you ;) I love the designs and are already planing what I would like to stitch..

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Vicki said...

Is that a pice from the around the world RR? I havent seen them for so long I've forgotten, haahaa!!!

(I'm teasing you! ((hugs)))