Sunday, August 06, 2006

Two finishes for today ;)

Had a bit better day today and got some knittings done too ;) In the morning I got the scarf ready and here you can see it and some of my flowers (remember I have'nt got green fingers and not much flowers either so have to take a pic of the few flowers I :D )
And in the evening I got my second ufo done. Started it a few months ago and then lost the interest so count it as an ufo ;) Had some sewings to do and it turned out fine. I like the edges on the shorts!
I'm pleased with both of todays finishes...


Supernøtt said...

Wow! Two UFO's in one day, that is impressing. And they turned out nice as well :D

Marita said...

Maybe more like one ufo and one wip..hih..