Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ufo august day 2

And the painting continues day after day. Seems like it never ends..pheeww. But it has to be done so not much to do about it than p.a.i.n.t :D Glad I like it!!

In the morning I got my first ufo ready..hureeyy. And it was just perfect timing coz' I gave it to mum mum ;) She thought it was a nice present + the lovely flowers (forgot to take a pic)
Now off to bed and maybe I'll get some knitting done tomorrow. Have noticed that when I go to bed lots of ideas spins around in my head, about what I want to start knit, sew etc..AND it's just my second day at the ufo-august when I try not to start new projects. How is this going to work??!

1 comment:

Helminalle said...

Kyllä mä joskus poikkean lukemassa (viitaten aiempaan tekstiin). Nyt kesällä on kyllä lukukierros aika hunningolla, jos sitten taas syksymmällä saisi paremmin aikaa..

Kivoja töitä ja onnea ufo-elokuulle! Aika luonnetta se vaatii, enkä usko, että multa onnistuis :).