Monday, June 18, 2007

In the morning I was lazy watching a film and did some knitting again. Have lots of problems with this one..making mistakes all the time. Now I really want to get it ready fast so I can forget all about :D :P
The yarnshop was closed last week when I was there so made a new trip today. They had summersale and then going to close for the rest of the summer. I know I'm not running out of yarn now either but just had to get some more..I know...I'm hopeless..ha-ha-ha!! Me and yarnshop= bad combination :D
The yarns are Mandarin Petit (4), Alpaca (2), Marks & kattens (1) and Naturgarn no.1 (4)
Have got plans for them all.
And the Marks & Kattens cotton yarn I was planing to give mum as a surprise :)
Think I'll survive the month when the shop is closed now :P
Made a pair of earrings tonight. They are on the way over to Uk with another pair :)

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