Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Had a nice day yesterday. First we went to Ikea and later in the evening to the movies. Saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Was good and relaxing time :)

Have been trying to knit ready the knitting I started some time ago with this old yarn that was suppose to be a jersey for me. But when I could'nt find more of the yarn I did frog it and started this other project with it ;) Not long now and it's going to be ready...I hope.
Did try to make some earrings tonight but was'nt in the mood. Not in the mood for much else either. Been feeling a bit low.


Sandra said...

Hi, Marita! Looks like many in my area are feeling low just lke you - must be something about climate!

Keep up, honey!

Nina said...

Hei! Så koselig at du tok turen innom bloggen min!! Du har så flott blogg selv. Må si du holder på med litt av hvert, både strikking, sying, blomster og smykker. Kommer tilbake til deg;o) Legger deg til i min bloggliste...klem