Friday, June 29, 2007

This I call summer!! To pick up some lovely flowers on your own lot.. I love them :)
Got in the crochet mood and made a star with some leftovers of Mandarin Petit. This star is about 19 cm in diameter.
I have made these stars before and they are one of my favourite crochet motives. Continued with them and have now got a little done on another project. Don't yet know what it's going to be :P

Went to Ikea again today...second time this like it's one of my favourite plases these days. Got some lovely outdoor furnitures. Must show you pics some other time.
Tomorrow 10 hours at work and later in the evening I'm having my cousin over and then we are going out..woohoo ;)

Have a good weekend !!


Sandra said...

Happy weekend to you, too! I can see it is gonna be hectic for you!

Nina said...

Flotte blomster du har plukket til helgen, så jeg ønsker deg en riktig GOD helg!!
Bor du i Finnland?