Monday, July 02, 2007

Here is a photo of my new outdoor furnitures. I love white !! Also like the flowers that are on them.
On saturday I was first at work and then my friend came over. We had such a great time. I made us a good sallad, we had some wine and did chat for many hours. Then went out dancing :)
Next morning and day was'nt too :D Think It's not going to be any wine for me for a while..ha-ha.
In the evening I was feeling better and we had a bbq with my parents. They liked it much. Then early to bed and had a long night sleep, for about 9 hours :P Woke up with a sore back :(
Sunshine today and it's warm. Later to work on nightshift. I'm starting to count the days til my summerholiday :D
Have a great week everyone!!

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