Sunday, July 22, 2007

Been busy painting today. Got ready the inside of the inclosure on the balcony.
Little E's going to stay another night at grandmas so I have been taking it easy today too ;)

Got this little crochetted bag ready. ( did guess right ;) ) It's about 17 x 18 cm. And I did use cotton yarn I bought from Lidl a long time ago. Hook nr 3 and pattern from my head :D Not sure if I will add any inside fabric on it or anything else. Will see later. Was just a test to crochet a bag so not even sure what to do with :D Started a bigger one already.

And I must show you how beautiful my lilys are !!!


Sandra said...

I am totally in love with that bag (and coloure) so will knit (sorry, crocheting is almost mistery to me) one for myself!

Anonymous said...

The bag is cute; love the color. Also the picture of the lily is beautiful.

Marita said...

Thanks my friend for nice comments :D
Nice way to start the day reading them !!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Marita. You have a great blog (thanks for visiting mine). I love your crocheting. Always been a mystical hobby to me - I just can't master it at all.

Those hats are just too cute lol. so sweet.

You asked about the % bit on my blog. Do you mean the bars themselves? If you do, go to
You will need to upload them to a photo website like Photobucket or Picasa so you can put the URL's in your blog template.