Friday, July 06, 2007

Ok, so back home and tomorrow off from work :) Not got any plans yet.
New Novita magazine came today. Had a look, but did'nt find anything I want to knit from it this time... ( ok, maybe something ;) ) Might change after looking again.. Was also a smaller mag with it, but not much there either.
I got back my friendhip book today :D It has been sent to some of my friends and they did write in it. I also did write in their books. Fun!!
Then some new beads.. Would like to make new earrings rightaway, but it's so late now and I'm soon off to bed.
Maybe another look in the mag and then Zzzzzz !


Hemma på landet said...

Kram till dig! Stina

Sandra said...

When I got IK sprin issue I thought it worth almost nothing, but now I am knitting like hell from there - first glance can lie!