Friday, July 20, 2007

On wednesday we went to the zoo. Hubby, Little E, grandma, grandpa and me. We had a good time there walking around for about 4 hours. We also had a picknick :)
Feels like some of the animals are the same that where there when I was a kid :D And this time there where'nt so many like I remembered from before.
One of my favourites turned out to be this colourful bird. The colours are so lovely in real life, not too good on photo :P

On thursday my cousin and I went with our kids to a little farm where they have animals. So nice. It was a small and cozy place :)
The kids had fun and was so excited looking at the animals. And while we had coffee they did play.

Good friends !! Sweet girl K and Little E :D

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Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!! I love going to the zoo.