Thursday, June 21, 2007

Have had a nice day today. In the morning I made ready a little baby cap for my godchild. Knitted with Mandarin Petit and pattern from Moda 4/2007. I like this cap much so might make another one :) ( on the photo here it's on the dolls head )

Yesterday I had a lovely surprisepackage in the mailbox. It was a Moomin mug and card from my friend who lives here near me. What a lovely summerpressie :) And today she did visit me.

Did bake a rhubarbpie on the day..mmmmm..

And I also got finished the knitted doily. Used Novita Virkkauslanka and pattern from Novita Summer 2006. Had problems with the starch. So if you know some good ways please tell me !!

My friends hubby fixed the computer for me so I can use flasch player and see 'materials' that moves..wooohooooo..Had to make a slideshow rightaway :D :P

Started a new project...something in dark beige ;)

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Sidsel said...

Hi,what a nice and cozy blog you have got here..Lovely colours and creative as well..Have a nice weekend.. :)