Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thanks for the comments :) I now feel better. Must have been some virus coz' I had the high fever and sore in my legs and arms, ears, throat etc.. Glad it's over for now :) Throat is'nt yet ok..but almost ;)
Yesterday I started knitting a doily and got a bit done. This is photo from last evening. Done some more knitting today and also much frogging...grrr :(

Hubby's at nightshift again so Litte E and I have been home just the two of us.
First it was a bit boring and we could'nt come up with anything to do..
Spend some time outside, but then he fell and hit his head so we came inside to play. He now has a blue forehead..We did draw and colour, then E had a loooong bath while I sat with my feet in warm water and then I did clean our sauna and bathroom. E was happy playing in the water while I was cleaning.
Then bedtime for E and time to knit for me :D

I thought I have all sizes of needels but I was wrong.. I need a few smaller ones coz' I lost one of the needels under our stairs outside. Would like to knit more lace things with thin yarn, so bought some new ones today. Maybe more doilies with the white Novita Kotiväki yarn..either knitted or crochet .
Was on a tabletop sale this morning. (not quite sure of the right word. Peoples sell their old things there) Got 1 t-shirt, 2 jumpers for Little E. A crafty magazine, a ball of cotton yarn and a small decoration. 2 lovely hangers for flowers (putting up photo later ;) ) , a long jeans shirt for me.
Think we found some nice things there and did'nt spend much money either..great !!
Here on the photo is the decoration and the yarn. I like those hands but Little E says he is now afraid of them...hmmm..what shall I do now... :P

PS..Vad roligt att du tittat in här Bodil :)


Guldkant På Livet said...

Å sån ljuv och pastellig blogg du har!! Hemtrevligt! Du verkar vara en riktigt kreativ tjej! Tusen tack för dina ord och besöket hos mej!! Ha en bra sommarvecka önskar Mari.

Anonymous said...

The doily looks great and I love the color. I think you got a lot done in such a short time. I fear lace knitting... I've never tried it.