Saturday, May 05, 2007

OOoooh at last I'm back!!!
BIG problems with our computer so that's why I have'nt been blogging.
I lost everything I had saved on the computer :( Photos, videos, links, patterns...everything :(
Also the links to cute templates and skins...would like to change this one coz' it looks like it's problems with it. If you know any sites PLEASE let me know!!!
Been knitting a little and working much.
More posting soon I hope.
Have a good day!!!


Anonymous said...

glad you're back. Sorry can't help you with sites for templates and skins. I struggle with my own!

Stitching Companion said...

Good to see you again Marita. I had my laptop stolen in November and lost all my photos etc and that's the worst thing :( I hope you get your blog up and running to your liking again soon :)


Kronborg said...

Hei! Lurte på hvor du var blitt av. Godt å ha deg tilbake! :)

dianne said...

Marita, I am always so impressed with how you always keep your blog new and exciting! Glad you're back, the new template is beautiful! Dianne

Johanna said...

Marita - really good to see you back, you had some of us a little worried for a while. Glad to hear it was 'only' the PC, look forward to catching up a little :)