Monday, May 28, 2007

A while ago when I told mum and dad I would like some kind of box to put flowers in they gave me and old one they had. I painted it white and it turned out just the way I want. It's the smaller one on the photo. Then yesterday morning dad came with a bigger one, yes..I had mentioned something about thet a bigger box would look nice too ;). So now I need to paint it too..Hureeiiii...I love them !! ( not sure what they are is maybe wrong word )
And first pair of handmade earrings :D For ME!! Used green glassbeads. Only bad thing is have'nt got right tools so have to order some.
And the second pair I made for my friend Jenni! She did like them.

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Madevik said...

Vilka fina örhängen! Du kan ju det här :o)