Tuesday, May 22, 2007

After being to doctor again coz' of the foot and later on an x-ray I came home to sew.
Wanted to make another small bag . This one with a zipper on. BUT...can't sew zippers, now I know it!!!! Trying for 5 times and NO, can't get it to look neat, I give up.
So I made a bag without a zipper.
Can't show a photo now coz' the camera is in hubbys bag and he's at work. Just typical :(
Have had my friend over in the evenings yesterday and today. She got inspirated too and did sew a small bag for her mobilephone. Now she started to knit :) Hope she's over soon again, it's fun with company.
Started to crochet and going to try to make a decoration ready, let's see what it's going to be ;)

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