Friday, May 18, 2007

Warm and sunny day.
Was'nt feeling too good in the morning and my foot is'nt any better.
Was at work and did pass out. Quite frightening really. Went to the doctor coz' we started to think I can have an trombosis in my leg. But the doc sayd it's not, and she don't know why my foot turned blue and still is.
Been tired lately and was sleeping on the day. Not feeling ok, but not sure why..
Got the new issue of Drömhem & trädgård, one of my favouritemagazines. Been reading in it and also knitting on a new project I started last evening.
Did clean up this old spinning wheel I got from my aunt some while ago, and I'm now going to have it like a decoration upstairs ;) Not yet sure of the plase, maybe it suits in my craftroom too.

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