Sunday, May 20, 2007

Have had quite a good day. Been home alone and it's been nice.
Done lots of houseworks but did also sit and relax. Had my coffee with cookies and icecream with coffeetaste..mmmmm

My foot is still feeling sore and it's getting annoying :(

It started with one porcelain doll, then I got another, then another....
I now have 19 dolls. When we moved I did put them up on grandmas loft and there they have now been for about two years. Now when I got my own room I thought it's time to take them all home.
I know they need more space but they have to be like this for now.
I had forgot that they where so many ( two are on other plases) and I did'nt remember how they look like. Have'nt been buying any new ones the last years.
In the evening I did sew a simple bag with the lovely fabric I bought from Ikea yesterday.
Would like to sew more now!


Anonymous said...

The bag is cute; love the fabric! I have no dolls left from childhood. My brother would always break off their heads, then my mom would throw them away. Twisted brother!

KaSil´s said...

Tää ON nätti!