Sunday, April 08, 2007

I started the fasting on Sunday so it's the third day going today. Been feeling fine exept of today in the morning when I was throwing up, dizzy and shaking. Went back to sleep for some hours and when I woke up I was fine again. This is quite an experience :)
I do think about food and what I would like to bake and cook when I can eat again :D
I use the Vogels package with everything I need for this fasting. Only two days to go and then I can start eating slowly again.
Here is a pic of the little scarf I made. Did'nt turn out the way I was hoping but looks cute anyway. Ment for E now in the spring. Did put a small crab picture on it :)
My own pattern and some old yarn.

Last week hubby and I had the friday evening for the two of us :D
We went out. Had a meal, did some windowshopping and then went to the movies. Saw this funny movie 'Night at the Museum'. Can't remember when we did something fun together, but hope we soon again can go out. Would like to go shopping and out on a meal and movies again :P

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sandra said...

Really like that scarf!