Sunday, September 17, 2006

So at last I get something ready! The ponco. You remember I had problems with it at first but after the third try I got it right ;) And here it is. So fluffy and nice. Dark lilac. It's for my friend Debbie.
The yarn is Novita Tango Fani and I used hook nr. 8. The pattern is simple, just chains and double crochet.

I also got one of the socks ready today and going to start the other one soon :D

Went on a tabletop sale today and it did'nt go so good. Peoples don't even wan't to pay such low prizes that I had.. Everything was under 5 €uros.. Even had 0,50 cent on stuffs! But looks like they have to get them for free :(
But after paying for the table and for things I found for me it did turn on + anyway :D So it's better than nothing ;) Better luck next time!!

Och så vill jag säga HEJ till alla mina vänner över i Norge.. Kul att ni tittar in i min blogg :) Ha en riktigt fin kommande höstvecka med massor av handarbeten.


Liv-Toril said...

Ponchoen ble kjempefin. Enkel og lekker.

sandra said...

My daughter says that poncho is upon her taste (but pink would m much appriciated).
Sorry to hear about bad saling! People are ready to pay great amount of money for some brands that everyone wears, but when it comes to dreativity - they just turn cheap!