Thursday, September 14, 2006

Been feeling a bit bored today. Would have liked some company to chat with but have to wait til tomorrow when my sister comes over :)
We had such lovely warm and sunny evening so I sat outside crochetting. AND now I have to start the poncho over again for the third time!! NOT my day today. First I thought it did'nt look good so started a new one, and then I noticed a mistace so have to start again. The yarn is'nt easy to rip up...grrrr.
And when we where inside I continued crochetting. Think it was a hurricane or some that went by coz' I found this mess in the kitchen. And this happends alot these days ;) ;)
Yesteday I was suppose to go an buy some Mandarin Petit..but came home with all this :D
Maija, Kitten Mohair, Chili and Mandarin Petit.
I do have lots of new ideas :) Just need more time!!!

AND here a closer pic of the lovely sparcly Chili yarn.

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sandra said...

Hope third time's a charm for your poncho! Good luck!