Monday, September 04, 2006


Todays post. Suuri käsityölehti, crafty magazine.Did'nt find anything in it that I liked :( But have to take another look later..
Then my friend Beth did send me some bobbins and a winder, a cute cross stitch kit and a lovely card. THANK YOU Beth!!!!!

Here's a closer picture of the stitchkit :)

Have forgot to show you this lovely gift I got from my cousin when she was to Bulgaria. She did'nt find any yarns but got this lovely box, shells and the necklace.


Diana said...

The cross stitch kit looks cute and fun to make. I love the box that your cousin purchased. Is it antique?

Marita said...

It's not's a wooden box with leather on. Lovely!!

Kati_Felttis said...

Hei kuule
sitä mun piti kysyä että mitä kuvan muokkaus ohjelmaa käytät, kun oot aina niin kivasti muokannu nuo kuvat.

Vicki said...

Cute gifts!