Thursday, September 28, 2006

I had a crafty swap with my friend Stine in Norway. Can't put up a pic of things I did send her ( not yet, but later ;) ) , but can show you the lovely things I got.
I'm SO GLAD over my secret gift!!
Never had this yarns before, Silja and Vestlandsgarn. Looks like it's going to be some christmasknittings in plans now ;)

The kool aid is great. Was just thinking about some different colour than now I got some !! Woohoo!!
I LOVE the knitmarkers..have'nt got any and been dreaming of some for a while now. The wooden buttons are lovely too :)
And..and... Am I anxious or what...hih..hih :)

A pattern, some iron on patches, stoppers to put under socks.
What a great gift!! TUSEN TACK STINE!!!

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sandra said...

With that yarn my shoice would be: hat, mittens, scarf and extra hat! All matching, ofcourse!