Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yesterday Little E went to grandma and grandpa so hubby and I had the day for us. We went out shopping some christmaspresents and in the evening I did wrap them. Glad to have something done for christmas and not leave everything til the last minute.
The three lanterns are for the nurdes in Little E's group at the kindergarten. Must make some cards to go with them :)

Have forgot to show you this beautiful candleholder hubby bought when he was to Tallinn with his work. I looks so light and neat, I like it much. The white feather suits perfectly and I love white :)
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It's so wintry outside today, coz' last night we got much snow :D

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Sandra said...

Candleholder is really beautiful - I would kill for one in limegreen coloure!
Great you bought some x-mas presents - I am not close to even thinking of what I'm gonna give/buy this year!