Sunday, December 30, 2007

We had a lovely Christmastime. With good food, family, friends, Santa etc..
It's been raining and storming outside. Grey and no snow.
I have been in a knitty mood and got ready a few things. Also started a few new projects.
This poncho is knitted in Novita Teddy. It was a fast project. Kids size.
These slippers I also made. Nice pastel colours in blue, pink and green. Naturgarn no1.
The two kids sized pairs I got ready before christmas. So far I have made 8 pairs of slippers. My own pair is ready but decorating is halfdone :P On these five pairs I have'nt yet made any decorations.

And while watching a dvd I had to knit something simple, so made a scarf in Kitten Mohair, with big needels.
Would like to knit a blanket for myself so bought the white Marks & Kattens Teddy yarn for it. Hmm..did take all white they had in the :D
The dark grey are for some more slippers ;)
And my friend and I went to Novita's shop to get some more yarn. I found some Laura yarn I started to knit with rightaway. Then some Aino and 7 veljestä.
Have got plans for them all. The striped colourful yarn is going to be for mum coz' she's working on a blanket with that yarn.

Hope you all have had a great time :)

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