Saturday, December 08, 2007

Last evening I did some stitching. Yes :) have started to sew a little, but yet I'm not back to cross stitching designs from pictures ;) Trying out my own things at the moment.

Then I started to listen to a new book cd. Herrgården by Anna-Karin Palm. Time went by so fast and suddenly three hours had gone and it was time to go to bed. It was so relaxing and nice to sit and knit and listen to the book. Hope to get the baby cardigan ready that I have on the needles. Maybe this weekend.

For many days now it's been storming and raining. The days are so dark and grey. Must have the lights on. Here you can see how it looks like on our yard. Lots of water.

Ps.. got ispired by stitchery and stamping..and Tilda, so I think that may mean more :D

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