Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Feeling tired but wanted to get out of the house. So where could I go..hmmmm..yes, to the yarnshop :D

Spending some time there made me feel better rightaway. And I had some Alfa Glitter, Naturgarn nr1 and Kitten Mohair with me home. ( the kitten yarn is already in use on a project where I did run out of yarn a while ago ;) )

And now late in the evening I did some gingerbreads and decorated them. And of course I use my favourite colour even on them :P

Notice the special one ;) It's going to be for hubby, to have with his coffee, when he comes home from work tomorrow morning :D

So that I and maybe also you get into the Christmas mood I have added some Christmas songs into the blog. Can listen to them over and over again :)

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