Thursday, August 30, 2007

While I was watching the start of Big Brother last evening I made ready this fluffy pink shawl. Knitted in Kitten Mohair :D

Have'nt been a big fan of BB but thought that it would be nice to have something to watch every evening while I knit, so maybe this could be a great habbit ;)

I have also got so fed up at all the halfdone projects that I have decided to rip up some..and here is a few. A yellow babydress that was planed for a 1 or 2 yearold but the dress looks way too big so far so not my project anymore :P
Then some crochetting I made on the cartrip...might start them over or then continue..not yet sure what to do.

But now off to watch BB....what shall I knit??

See ya....nighty!!!


Sandra said...

BB season here in Croatia starts any day now. I am refusing to watch it! But my DD is amazed with the show! I am in deep trouble!

Nina said...

Lekkert sjal i en flott farge:p
Riktig GOD helg!!