Saturday, August 11, 2007

At some time in my life I did read much, but the last few years I have'nt had inspiration for reading books, only magazines. These two books I have had on my badsidetable for ages. Last night I went to bed earlier than usual and did read that was left in them. Great!!
They are both good.. Sopivasti Lihava by Jenny Dahlberg ( site in Swedish) and Martina-Koden by Martina Haag.
Maybe this got me motivated for reading more. Would like to order some new books now :D

Been nominated for Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket by Hege at Kronborgkroken :)
Thanks my friend..this was nice!!
I now pass this to 5 persons who's blogs I like to read, and who are creative and have so much inspiration for doind crafts and things.
Nina - Nina sin blogg
Sandra - Stay at home knitter
Kati - handmade by Kasil's
Gimpelise - Gimpelise sin blogg
Babsy - The hobby girl babsy

;) A while ago Sandra gave me Creative blogger award..Thanks!!

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